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Assisted living for elders in care

Our Philosophy

It starts with an open heart

Living Fully and Comfortably


At Brookdale House, our mission is to spread love and compassion through our daily interactions and provide a happy home where you can live each day on your terms.

Brookdale House is not just a place where you can get supportive care, but a home—a safe haven that supports you to keep living fully.

Gurdip is the primary caregiver at Brookdale House. With decades of experience and a sincere interest in helping people, Gurdip talks about her unique approach to giving people a sense of belonging in our assisted living home. Brookdale House is a community oriented, all inclusive, small scale assisted living home located in Abbotsford, BC.

Gurdip Dhaliwal

Primary Caregiver

The story of Brookdale House is the story of Gurdip Dhaliwal. This woman’s mission in life is to spread love and compassion through daily interactions and provide a happy home to those in need. From opening her own house to foster children and offering homecare for those in need, to working in nursing homes, Gurdip lives and breathes nurturing and welcome.

For 25 years, she has done just that.


Welcome Home

Brookdale House not only looks like your own home, it is your home. You can make your own food if you like, or hang out by the fireplace. There’s always something cooking or baking. Visitors pop in and out and join us for meals or tea. Our doors are always open to your family so it feels no different than having a family gathering at your own home.

“Brookdale is not like a care facility,” the granddaughter of one resident told us, “it’s like a family meeting place; for me, it’s like our home too.”

Community Feeling

Residents at Brookdale will tell you that rather than losing connections in their transition to assisted living, connections have been sustained and new friendships gained. In the relaxed and compassionate atmosphere of Brookdale House, an effortless camaraderie arises between residents. Residents look after one another; they eat together, spend time talking and sharing by the fire together, and go on outings together. Our residents often remark that they feel like a family.

Compassionate Care

The staff at Brookdale House are passionate individuals inspired by a greater mission to spread love and compassion in our world. Our staff take time to connect with each resident. Your voice will be heard, your needs respected, your hopes and dreams witnessed.

We recognize that part of care is respecting your need for support and your need for autonomy. It is our mandate to help you live with dignity. We do not believe in treating vulnerability as a sickness; we treat each person with equal respect and unconditional positive regard. We provide a warm and safe environment where you are free to live each day on your own terms.

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I open my home, I open my heart too.
— Gurdip Dhaliwal, Caregiver


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