Brookdale House
Assisted living for elders in care


Assisted living for elders in care


A Better Way to Live

Brookdale House is a community-oriented, small-scale, all-inclusive, assisted-living home in the heart of the Fraser Valley.  We provide an intimate and comfortable home environment where elders are supported to live with dignity, and thrive.




30961 Brookdale Court
Abbotsford, BC  V2T 5S3


+1 (604) 853-2035


To join Brookdale House is to become part of a community. Our residents develop friendships with each other, pursue their hobbies and interests, and maintain an active role in their communities. At the end of each day, residents can exhale, knowing that they will be supported to meet all their needs. 

An alternative to large-scale and institutionalized facilities, Brookdale House is a breath of fresh air for those seeking anything from short-term respite to long-term support. Nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac in West Abbotsford, our 6-bedroom house is designed to feel like your own home. We welcome your family and friends to join us for dinner, and there’s always something homemade simmering on the stove or baking in the oven.

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Our care is customized and adapted to suit the needs and preferences of each person who walks in our doors. Our compassionate, skilled, and experienced staff do whatever possible to meet our resident’s needs—from help with laundry, cooking, and cleaning, to supportive nursing care and medical attention. What makes Brookdale House different is that, beyond attending to basic needs, our staff strives to foster a sense of belonging, while respecting your need for autonomy. Everything that needs to be taken care of will be, but anything you wish to take care of yourself, you can.

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Sarah is the granddaughter of Kay, a Brookdale House resident. Sarah shares her thoughts and experiences with our assisted living home. Brookdale House is a community oriented, all inclusive, small scale assisted living home located in Abbotsford, BC.

It’s warm and welcoming… everyone’s so nice.

This is almost my home too.
— Sarah, Granddaughter of Resident


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Everything is guided by our philosophy


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